Welcome to the DE NGO Section

NGO's provides a necessary back bone to any organization like the UN. The UN is currently embracking on path of global government and global socialism. DE is dedicated to true individual freedom for all. Global poverty is a new popular issue. However, in the last twenty years of hype (Hollywood Celebs) - very little has been done. If you would like to really help people improve their lives. Then you needed treat them like babies, or dependent children. Instead help make them independent. Many who are trapped in poverty lack the options needed to grow their independence. This is where the DE NGO steps in - to provide the options or a means to the options.

So what's the difference between a DE NGO and a UN NGO? Simple, we build people up - not give them a hand out. We are self-sufficient, so we don't have to claw back the money in taxes. We are independent and free - not controlling and power-hungery. We believe in individual freedom not oligarchy and elected monarchy. We are not all-knowing (or wise) guardians. The DE NGO is simply a facilator of a better way.

We are launching four fundamental programs that are key to ending poverty;

  1. The World Food Program - This World Food Program is not to simply hand out food, but to identify means to improve food production - in an open and free market. Improve production so that supply can comfortably meet demand.
  2. The World Housing Program - The number of homeless are increasing, despite all the help from the UN. It's time for a new approach.
  3. The World Education Program
  4. The World Health Program

Get Involved Set up Yourown DE NGO

  1. Become a citizen of Democratic Earth (there is no cost) @ http://court.democratic-earth.org/citizenship/ - Fill out the information as best as you can.
  2. Use your name for your DE NGO. The process of setting up a DE NGO is the same as incorporating. However, instead of the inc at the end of the name, there is ngo. For example, John Doe NGO
  3. Incorporate your NGO @ http://court.democratic-earth.org/incorporation/ - Fill out the information as best as you can. As well, the incorporation fee for NGO registration has been waived.
  4. Taxes create poverty - kill economies and real jobs, so all income for DE NGO's must be raised privately, or earned.
  5. If you have a hard time living on a tight budget, or are unsure of how economics work - use The DECB Economics (a weekly economics journal) to learn.
  6. For all DE NGO questions and support; click here


  1. Lito Cabilogan NGO